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Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2336 • May 21 2024

Is your business growing properly?

Clients regularly ask this about their own businesses.

Here’s how to calculate the answer:

1) Define ‘right-size’
‘Bigger’ is not a size.
Choose an actual size.

2) Define the optimal experience
What do customers want to hear?
What do customers want to receive?
How would customers love to receive it?

3) Is #2 moving you toward #1?
If Yes: stop stressing 😎
If No: change #2

Produce an amazing experience.
Supplies last until you right-size.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2355 • May 21 2024

Underwater shopping adventures

My first passive income in 2007,

Was 65,536² of something really weird:

A ‘virtual underwater shopping adventure’:

  • Virtual clothes for 20¢/each
  • In a 3D underwater playground
  • That paid our bills each month

Weird huh? (Cool though imo 😂)

But it taught us big lessons:

  • If you learn what people want,
  • And also learn what people enjoy,
  • Then combine the two: they tell others

This unlocks blue oceans.

Even in saturated markets.

Even when you think there’s no market.
(Like virtual clothes for 20¢/each)

So I don’t think of them as ‘blue ocean strategies’.

I think of them as ‘underwater shopping adventures’.

If it could sell tons of virtual clothes per month…
What can it do for your (more sensible) business!

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2354 • May 20 2024

Customers = Salesforce

Y’know your customers can be your salesforce?

That’s suppose to be a good thing, unless…

…you totally misunderstand the assignment like Sedgwick 😏

But seriously:

  • Make what customers want
  • Make it fun for them to receive
  • Make it ‘un-ignorably good’

If there’s ever a recipe for share-ability, it’s that.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2353 • May 19 2024

Ads and billboards

Ignoring ad targeting features?
= “Let’s speak to everybody, thus nobody”

Using overly broad ad copy?
“Let’s speak to everybody, thus nobody”

Underestimating ad visuals
= “Let’s just do what others do, thus not stand out”

Not A/B testing ad elements
= “It’s fine to not explore what our people truly want”

Skipping analytics review?
= “It’s fine to not explore what our people truly want”

Ads should be expressions of care and fiduciary responsibility.
Not daddy’s billboards.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2352 • May 18 2024

Want a brand?

Marketing = what you say while in the room.

Branding = what they say when you’re not.

These words often get mixed up in a lot of other things. But that’s really all they boil down to.

Now. Doing the exact same thing as everyone else can mean you’re marketing.

But it definitely means you’re not branding.

Here’s why:

If you say the same thing as everyone else, they won’t say anything about it when you’re gone.

Ergo, there is no branding.

Want to build a brand?

Remember to be different. Your special kind of different.

Because you’re so unique already.

Harness it, apply it to what you say, and let it be remembered.

Congratulations! You’re branding.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2351 • May 17 2024

Irresistible marketing 'secret'?

Is there a ‘secret’ to irresistible marketing?

Nah. No secret. But there are patterns. 3 of them, in fact.

Since the market’s inundated with content, why not follow them?

After all, you don’t just want to be seen. You want to be unforgettable. So this week, we’re diving into the three key elements that make that happen. They’re not new-fangled things. They’re timeless. Just like you’re about to be:

Learn WHAT they want

Talk to them. Learn their inner-narrative. Decide where in that inner-narrative your work should fit. Then tell their narrative back to them with you included. By giving people what they truly want, you lay the groundwork for engagement and loyalty.

Deliver it HOW they love to receive it

Explore the various channels and formats your audience prefers, whether it’s social media, email newsletters, podcasts, or interactive experiences. Explore what it is they love about the specific content they consume on those channels, so you can show up as one of the ones they love, not one of the ones they skip.

Build quality at that intersection

That intersection of WHAT and HOW is your sub-niche. The amount of high-quality material at that specific intersection is likely very small. So over-cook your response: create materials so remarkable in that intersection that it simple cannot be ignored. Great storytelling. Amazing visuals. Immersive experiences. Think big and own that intersection.

I explore this topic in more detail in this week’s issue of The Productoon newsletter. Check it out!

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2350 • May 16 2024

Bending time

Sometimes time doesn’t feel real.

If I multitask, time goes fast. Not much gets done.

If I go deep with uninterrupted singletasking, time goes slowly, and lots gets done.

A fast day with little to show for it.

Or a slow day with lots of progress and time left to spare.

We may not literally be bending time.

But it’s the next best thing if you’re creating work that matters.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2349 • May 15 2024

Better? Unlikely…

“Are my competitors better than me?”
“Are they delivering way better product/service than me?”
“Are they smarter marketers or salespeople than me?”
“Or just way smarter in general than me?”


More likely they’re one of the following…

  • Better at bluffing online than you,
  • More consistent than you,
  • Both.


  • You’re smart enough. Your competitors srsly aren’t smarter.
  • You have the skills. If you don’t, upskill & you’re good.
  • Your marketing may not be edutaining enough.
  • You may not know your market well enough.
  • You may not be consistent enough.

Otherwise, you’re absolutely set.

All problems ahead are solvable.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2348 • May 14 2024

Evergreen ubiquity?

Don’t want to be a replaceable hype-man?

You need Evergreen Ubiquity.

Being your company’s ‘hype-man’ means…

  • Waste time on checklist productivity,
  • Go to market on the back-foot,
  • Chase people around,
  • Discount your stuff,
  • Hamster wheel. Yeurgh.

But ‘Evergreen Ubiquity’ draws folks in…

  • Very educational, and very entertaining.
  • You’re drawn to it for its contribution in your life.
  • You’re drawn to it for the personalities you bonded with.
  • You’re drawn to it because it’s a small part of your identity.
  • You go to it, it doesn’t chase after you.

Things you need for that:

  • To know your customers way better than you do now
  • To know how they love to consume content/products
  • To know what they consider ‘completely un-ignorable’
  • To build at the intersection of those things
  • To ‘pay the price’ of it taking time to build

Which would you rather be?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2347 • May 13 2024

Healthy chocolate

Here’s 3 truths across ALL marketing.
Don’t be guilty of missing any of them:

  1. People like things that give more, not ask more.
  2. People like enjoyable things, not boring things.
  3. People like well-made things, not regurgitated trash.

Example: Free samples of tasty, healthy chocolate that makes you lose lbs.

We’re not here to make boring templated asks.
We’re here to make lives empirically better,
safely, and give them a blast doing it.

(P.S. sign me up for that chocolate 🙃)

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