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Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2336 • June 12 2024

Is your business growing properly?

Clients regularly ask this about their own businesses.

Here’s how to calculate the answer:

1) Define ‘right-size’
‘Bigger’ is not a size.
Choose an actual size.

2) Define the optimal experience
What do customers want to hear?
What do customers want to receive?
How would customers love to receive it?

3) Is #2 moving you toward #1?
If Yes: stop stressing 😎
If No: change #2

Produce an amazing experience.
Supplies last until you right-size.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2375 • June 10 2024

Blow up your charts

You’re tracking the wrong data.

You might be tracking the ‘easy data’:

  • Site visits
  • Email opens
  • Offer signups

But optimising for those can cause problems.

The solution? Track sentiment:

Swap ‘clicks’ for ‘how excited they are to join’.

Swap ‘cancellations’ for ‘how eager they are to stay’.

Swap ‘affiliate signups’ for ‘fans’.

It’s harder to track.

’Cus when done right,
It blows up your charts.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2374 • June 09 2024

Think on paper

Notebooks are a life hack.

When you write digitally, you can backspace it out. Delete it. Pretend it never existed. You’ll never look back on those notes. You’ll forget to carry them with you to whatever new note apps you try out.

You lose your history, your thoughts, your journey.

And you lose your ability to commit to thoughts.

It’s like you never wrote them down at all.

But when you jot notes on paper? It’s there. Undeletable. It exists. They’re easy to look back on by flicking through pages. You’ll put it in a drawer, and know precisely how to ‘access them’ later.

You gain a better log of freeform thinking.

You gain confidence in your own mind.

Sure, type up the useful stuff. You can search for it, share it, and all manner of useful things.

But thinking?

That’s done best on paper.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2373 • June 08 2024

Don’t overdraw on relational capital

Brands are dying and don’t even know it.

They just need to remember one thing:

Don’t go overdrawn on Relational Capital.

That means: if a new sale doesn’t…

  • make folks ask to buy more,
  • create a new fan,
  • create referrals,

…then each time you ‘sell’, you ‘spent’ goodwill.

And need to build it back up with value.

But if a new sale causes those things?
You win.

So before you ask, ask yourself:
“Is this giving more than it asks for? And is it enjoyable?”

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2372 • June 07 2024

Branding BFFs

Is personal branding really what you think it is?

It’s not about making people like brands. It’s the opposite.

Personal branding is about making brands like people. Let’s explore how in 3 steps:

1. Flip it upside down

If you’re branding yourself, don’t try to become like a company.

Companies don’t even want to be like companies. They want people to form relationships with them, to be seen as relatable and trustworthy, with shared beliefs and shared culture. Put another way, they want to be people. Doesn’t matter what you’re branding. Could be yourself. Could be your company

Don’t brand either like a company. Brand it like a person.

2. Design a friend

Now we have a person, let’s turn it into a friend.

What’s the difference between people and friends? Friends do the above things. They’re relatable and trustworthy. They have shared beliefs and shared culture. They know how to get great gifts, or show you a great time. They know what you like, how you like to receive it. They know what you think is awesome, or lame. They know what tickles your funny-bone.

That’s who people like spending time with. Design that.

3. Focus on the big three

Now we have a personality (person or company) people want to be around.

Now you just need to do what that person would do. Continue to learn what they want, how they love to receive it. And continually express that to them in the most unignorably-awesome ways you possibly can.

Now we’ve turned that friend into a BFF.

I explore this topic in more detail in this week’s issue of The Productoon newsletter. Check it out!

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2371 • June 06 2024

Content sandwiches

Creating content is like creating sandwiches.

Everyone has their favourite kind of sandwich. Favourite bread, cut, etc.

So learn to make those kinds of sandwiches.

Then get creative with how you fill them.

The algorithmic and cultural benefits of making a favourite gets you in the room.

The best filling keeps them coming back for more.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2370 • June 05 2024


I didn’t get into many fights at school.

But one time I thought I was gonna get my butt kicked:

The school bully says to me in the corridor:
“Adam, meet me here at lunch.”


I go.
(Wondering what Ryu would do; Shoryuken maybe?)

The bully shows up.
And says to me:

“I absolutely LOVE this game. We need to plan tournaments.”


One of the games I made & sold on the schoolyard was so popular, even the bruisers wanted to get involved!

2 big take-aways that day:

  • Do work so good your enemies become fans
  • Practice Shoryuken
Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2369 • June 04 2024

Brands and banks

Brands are like banks.

You need to know your brand ‘account balance’:

Make ‘deposits’ into your audience with huge value. Try to ‘withdraw’ too early, you’ll go overdrawn.

How to know your brand account balance?

Answer these questions:

  1. Do folks adore what they buy from you?
  2. Are folks asking to buy more things from you?

If YES to both, your brand’s account balance is growing.

If NO to either, your brand’s account balance is shrinking.

Get 2 Yesses and you’re not ‘withdrawing’ anymore.

You’re ‘investing’.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2368 • June 03 2024

747 comics

I’ve made 747 comics.

3 things it taught me about marketing:

  1. In a comic, space is limited. In marketing, attention is limited. Make every word/brushstroke count.

  2. Make it what they want, they may do it. Make it enjoyable for them, they will do it. Give what they want + how they love it.

  3. Do something daily = you get better + faster. Only do it sometimes = you stay the same. The commitment is the biggest part.

Commit. Make it fun. Make it count.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
Post #2367 • June 02 2024

Toddlers know how to learn

After 20 years at my craft, you’d think I’d say learning is slowing down.

But it’s speeding up.

Currently I’m reading two books on a new programming language, a book about social media, a book about child development aged 0–5, and three comic books.

All at the same time.


Because I watch how fast my toddler learns ‘everything’, by flitting from interest to interest, chipping away at skills as his energy takes him.

He goes with his energy, sprints down mental corridors, learns quickly, and has a blast doing it.

Toddlers know how to learn.

We should model them.

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