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Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 20 2022

Please start a newsletter

Please start a newsletter.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, elaborate, or perfect.

It doesn’t need the ‘best’ platform, the ‘right’ editorial calendar, or the right ‘growth plan’.

It just needs you, your work, and what you’re up to, so we can all follow along with what you’re doing.

We want to see your work.
We want to cheer you on.
We want to see you succeed.

Please start a newsletter.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 19 2022

About the better opportunity around the corner

There’s a ‘better’ opportunity almost upon us.

There’s a new technology that will obsolete innovations of today.
There’s a big chance that your work might not work.
There’s a better computer coming out in 8 months.
There’s an even ‘better’ opportunity after the one that’s almost here.

We can choose now or later, now or perfect…

…but now exists.
Now lets us make things better.
Now lets us make the next thing possible.
Now might even make ‘the next thing’ our opportunity.

What are you waiting for?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 18 2022


Opportunity is so abundant that even your scraps are a recipe for success.

Kingsford Charcoal has been around for 110 years and enjoys 80% BBQ market share.

It exists because each Ford Model T had 100ft² of wood in it which, over millions of cars, creates a whole lot of scrap wood.

So Ford burned it into porous, microcrystalline profit.

For 110 years.

Makes you wonder: what gold is hiding in your refuse?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 17 2022

Defining interesting problems

When you hear, “Solve interesting problems”, what comes to mind?

Some tell me they think it’s anything but the work they’re doing. This might be an indicator that they’re ready for change.

Some tell me they don’t like it because it’s not what they’re doing and they like their work. This might be an indicator they missed something…

…That “interesting problems” aren’t a grandiose to-do list made by others for you to strike things off from.

They’re things that you find interesting, in your unique intersection of skills, experience, interests and goals.

We need you to solve “interesting problems” because doing so shines a light on the apex of your genius.

For all of us, please: solve interesting problems.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 16 2022

Freedom To vs Freedom From

Is freedom important to you?

What kind?

There are 2 types of freedom:

#1 Freedom To
Freedom to buy a fancy car
Freedom to quit your job
Freedom to buy a nice house
Freedom to join any club you like

#2 Freedom From
Freedom from needing to go anywhere you don’t want to go
Freedom from activities that don’t engage you
Freedom from a life dictated by external factors
Freedom from limiting beliefs that govern life

What freedom do you value more?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 15 2022

Great is a great bet

How can you make your business or project a great bet for customers, staff, and investors?

Great people only need one thing in order to be great:


Investing in projects with average teams but lots of luck or media endorsements is unlikely to be a great long-term bet.

Investing in projects with a great team may doesn’t always pay off as quickly as you’d like, but it usually does pay off with a long enough timescale.

So the best thing you can do, is be a great person who works with great people, then give it time.

If that sounds like you, you’re probably going to be just fine.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 14 2022

How to be invincible

What messes you around?

The first thought might be a particular employee. Or family member. Or market. Or project failure.

But of course, all of those are false.

“Who then is invincible? The one who cannot be upset by anything outside of their reasoned choice.” - Epictetus, Discourses, 1.18.21

We mess ourselves around by creating an environment in our minds where we think we can control things we can’t.

We can’t control those employees, family members, markets or market receptions. We can only really control our thoughts and what we do about them.

When we forget this, it’s us vs the world.
When we remember this, we’re invincible.

It just so happens that a project led or influenced by someone who is invincible tends to be far better off because of it.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 13 2022

There’s space for your ideas

Big changes are coming.

In one afternoon, I spoke to tech collaborations for two major shoe brands… to a million dollar ethereum mining facility… to huge new metaverse developments… to innovative education tech… to interviews for a bunch of exciting new hires…

Opportunity is everywhere. Even during global pandemics.

There’s always space in the market for something different, something special, something great.

There’s space for your ideas to thrive.

What are you waiting for?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 12 2022

Path to entrepreneurial serenity

What’s the path? Is there one?

It’s the same path as for everything else… remembering what’s in our control and what isn’t.

And all that’s truly in our control is our ability to choose.

The market can do all kinds of crazy stuff. So can employees, strategic partners, investors, industry trends, economies…

…requiring a certain customer response is the path to anxiety. As is requiring a certain employee to stay, or an industry to bend in your favour.

Requiring nothing of anything outside of your continued ability to make reasoned choices is the path to serenity.

Keep choosing rationally. Never mind the rest.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 11 2022


Just go.

You have the idea, the ability and the resolve.

You could research more, deliberate more, ponder more, wait for the perfect moment more. Or you could Go.

Execution is the secret sauce people are looking for in their research notes. You only find it by taking action.

What are you waiting for?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 10 2022

Why Mortiverse is web3 based

Why did our upcoming personal development brand decide to be web3-native?

Here’s the thing.

While the NFT market is crazy at the moment, and everyone has an opinion on whether they’re great or terrible… NFTs are here to stay.

Why they’re here to stay

It’s tricky to see it clearly in January 2022… But if you really look, you’ll see how they can be instrumental in powering the future of rich experiences more complex and elaborate than what was possible before a fully decentralised and immutable technology like this existed.

Web3 tech reveals an API for a person to record their interests and experiences, and use that info to create even more experiences, all without big tech’s walled gardens enforcing false ceilings on potential.

A new era of creativity and innovation is coming.

We need to be upgrade our think

Our personal development journey needs to make us resilient in the face of new challenges to avoid finding ourselves in Iracus’ shoes.

Most web3 technology was born of the financial world and, for many, this carries the same anxieties and stresses typically found in active market traders.

The technology is both brilliant and unhealthy to be exposed to for long periods of time.

The upside carries a downside.

Big tech recommends tracking screen time. Influencers recommend taking a break.

What if there was a vaccine to the downside?

We think there is.

And so that’s where we’ll start.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the Tao Te Ching:

“What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s job?”

There is opportunity everywhere, friends. The more you look, the more you see.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 09 2022

The ‘worthy valve’

What’s a ‘worthy valve’?

I just made it up - the concept I want to share with you has no name, so I gave it a name (despite not being very good at naming things!)

This is a one-way valve. It flows one of these two ways:

#1 Toward our work. In this case, we ask ourselves, “Am I worthy of this project or undertaking?” Here, we’re intimidated by the work and wonder whether or not we fit the assignment.

#2 Toward ourselves. In this case, we ask ourselves, “Is this project or undertaking worthy of me?” Here, we’re intimidated by the finite amount of time available on Earth, and want to spend that time only on things we deem truly worth our time.

I find that most ambitious people choose option #1. They wonder if a certain business, project, follower count or financial milestone is possible for them.

But I find that option #2 is the healthier choice. Here we remember that all of those achievements mean nothing to us when we’re gone, and fade with our passing.

Consider making option #2 your default setting.

Time is precious.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 08 2022

Popular isn’t in your control

Popularity can only be controlled to a degree.

The market decides, and it doesn’t decide rationally.

POGs — small circular plastic discs with pictures on them — were popular in the 90s when kids had access to comics, virtual pets, video games, all sorts of things. Yet we enjoyed POGs so much that schools started banning them due to how disruptive they were.

Select NFT projects — ones that came out of nowhere with no roadmap or proof of work — explode in popularity when other projects have been hard at work for months for a fraction of their market valuation. Despite proof of work, consistent delivery of promises, and better utility.

Things that will be in vogue this year in 2022 — some won’t seem to make any sense. Something will explode in popularity and leave you wondering how it makes any sense when compared to the hard work you’re putting into your endeavours.

It doesn’t have to make sense.

The market decides, and it doesn’t decide rationally.

Nevermind the swells and trends. Focus on doing the best work of your life. Your time will come.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 07 2022

Daring to make, daring to share

Got a great project you’re working on?

Daring to make is great. But it might be scary to share.

Perhaps because you don’t know if you can pull it off. Perhaps because you don’t know if others will think it’s crazy.

Daring to share is important too, it’s the first step toward shipping.

If you’re lucky, you won’t know if you can pull it off – that’s because you’re stretching yourself and doing work that will make you better.

And if you’re lucky, others will think you’re crazy – that’s because you’re trying to change the culture and make things better.

Dare to make. Dare to share. We need people like you to be brave.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 06 2022

The unpredictable, unreliable, irrational force

Somethings are easy to predict.

If you’re a CRO, optimising a website for conversions has patterns and rhymes based on audience data.

…and then there’s the absurd ideas that just hit the market right and skyrocket in performance despite not working yesterday.

If you’re an SEO, optimising an article for long-tail search terms has patterns and rhymes based on the trailing indicators of past work.

…and then there’s a term that hits the culture that you weren’t expecting, creating unreproducible surges of traffic to your work.

If you’re building a brand, there are market trends you can follow to help guide you to positive niche reception.

…and then there’s the irrational idea that takes off and wins the hearts of waves of people because it just vibes right.

We’re not logical. We invented logic. We’re irrational, emotional creatures.

Please, use the data available to you. But remember to embrace the beauty of how random we are as a species.

It’s full of opportunity if you dare to be different.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 05 2022

Nonsense as a service

What do you think of nonsense?

It could have more utility than you realise:

Cookies in the apartment complex foyer are nonsense. Yet they make visitors feel warm and a little more ‘at home’, which is the point.

Wearing full chef’s whites in a chain restaurant is nonsense. Yet it makes you feel like you’re being looked after by an expert who knows how to operate more than a microwave, which is the point.

Taking shoes off at the airport is nonsense. Yet it makes you feel like security is being taken seriously and that you’re safe, which is the point.

Sometimes, things that aren’t pragmatic, inherently useful to the fulfilment of a product order or service, or even conventionally sensible, are the point.

If, of course, the point is to give those you serve a wonderful experience that they’ll tell their friends about.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 04 2022

The lost art of hobbies

Remember when people had hobbies?

Before they decided to live a life of overworking themselves then crashing on the couch with some below-average TV shows?

The hobby is ready for a refresh.

Your paintings don’t have to live in a cupboard, they can live on Etsy or OpenSea. Your skills don’t have to develop accidentally and sporadically, but with the support of an abundance of free online training.

The thing you want to make may be something others want to make too. You could make it together, from across the world, in real-time. Others might even like to buy it.

Hobby used to mean “something you do for fun that has no market value”.

Now it just means “something you do for fun”.

I wonder if it’s time to ditch the question, “so what do you do for work?” and replace it with “so what’s your hobby?”

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 03 2022

On being more curious

Are you a curious person?

You were once when pursuing your line of work… But are you STILL a curious person?

From Walter Isaacson in “The Innovators”:

“Curiosity. Pure, passionate, and playful curiosity about everything. Steve Jobs was curious about calligraphy and coding, while Da Vinci was curious about art and anatomy. They wanted to know everything about everything that was knowable. Ben Franklin wanted to know about science, the humanities and poetry. Even Einstein wanted to understand Mozart at the same time that he studied general relativity. Curiosity leads to an interest in all sorts of disciplines, which means you can stand at the intersection of the arts and sciences, which is where creativity occurs. A wide range in curiosity allows you to see patterns exist across nature and how those patterns ripple.”

Curiousity is nurtured in empty space reserved for it to be explored.

Once explored, it lets you see around corners and more accurately predict the future.

Sounds useful, doesn’t it?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 02 2022

Your Online Personality Mood-board

You may already have one.

It’s a crypto wallet.

A place where identity, taste and status are signalled to the world. Better than a description or bio where you can write whatever you like, it’s a full-colour record of your ticket stubs, supported projects, priorities and interests.

Are you someone who chases after digital luxury? What kinds?

Or someone who benevolently supports budding entrepreneurs and artists? What kinds?

Or someone who uses others as stepping stones to what you want?

Or someone who has been a member of a particular club since the beginning? Which clubs?

Or someone who donates time and/or money to good causes? Which causes?

We can tell by looking at your online personality mood-board, as I’ve been endearingly referring to it.

There’s no path to follow or right/wrong way of filling your mood-board.

But what’s there will reflect on you. It’ll help us get an idea of who you are.

Worth thinking about.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
January 01 2022

Goodbye Rewards, Hello Community

Loyalty programs.

Reward schemes.

How often do these things ever make you like a brand more?

Or share it with others?

Loyalty programs don’t make people loyal. They make people hunt for deals.

Loyalty comes from community. Togetherness. The celebration of “us”. Community.

When there’s community, the brand is the standard bearer that represents “us”.

When there’s no community, the brand is the logo next to the discount sticker.

Goodbye, loyalty programs. Hello, community and a heart of service.

Photo of Adam surrounded by the blog cartoon characters

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