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Adam Fairhead has been building edutainment brands & gamified products for over 20 years.

Adam formed FAIRHEAD in 2009, a creator-led edutainment & gamification brand studio that makes fun, immersive digital learning experiences for digital product creators. He’s grown both startups and multi-million dollar ventures with edutainment, strategic brand messaging and gamified interface design. Author, storyteller, designer, developer, illustrator, animator, marketer. Family man in rural England.

Current Projects

Brand Raygun

The Productoon

Grow your creator biz by watching cartoons and playing games. Starting with a short, free, weekly illustrated newsletter that gives indie hackers, entrepreneurs and digital product creators tips to make your product marketing better and your mind stronger. Each issue is actionable & takes less than a minute to read.

Brand Raygun

Brand Raygun

A show on The Productoon that teaches digital product business growth through cartoons and playing games. A new kind of course where creators, indie hackers and entrepreneurs can watch and play the action like an actual video game.

An active-learning experience that works your 'take action' mental-muscles, teaching how to win more customers by mastering their messaging, attracting them with edutaining content, and immersing them with addictive product onboarding.


Memento Morti!

A show on The Productoon that teaches Stoic philosophy to become a calmer, more resilient creative… by watching cartoons and playing games.

Building playable 'adventures' to make personal development more fun than ever before for the next generation.

Fairhead Creative Studio

Fairhead Creative Studio

A creative media studio founded in 2009, equipping digital brands with edutaining animated video content for social and advertising, immersive website experiences, product gamification, and strategic brand/marketing consulting. Serving clients ranging from bootstrapped startups to Fortune500 brands.

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Messaging Essentials

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Official bio

Adam Fairhead has been building edutainment brands & gamified products for over 20 years. Adam formed FAIRHEAD in 2009, a creator-led edutainment & gamification studio for digital brands. Family man in rural England. Follow him on Twitter @adamfairhead.

Example Press & Interviews

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Messaging Essentials

Huffington Post

Jeff Copelan writes about how cause-driven businesses can benefit from Adam’s “Mission Narrative” system, designed to help entrepreneurs and organizations create websites with a strategic market advantage.

Messaging Essentials


The founder of Sendible, Gavin Hammar, talks with Adam about social entrepreneurship and the opportunities it brings. They discuss why people are becoming less tolerant of businesses without a cause, how to get people to pay attention to you without resorting to sneaky marketing tricks, and how the future looks for businesses that aren't willing to change.

Messaging Essentials

The Melting Pot

Dominic Monkhouse talks with Adam about why it’s so important for companies to have a purpose. They discuss making communication clearer and more efficient, the magic of having a service-oriented one-page scrollable website, and the process Adam has used with hundreds of companies to get their messaging right.

Messaging Essentials

The Marketing Mentor

Iluse Benun speaks with Adam about client-centric marketing. They discuss why putting your people at the heart of your message has a huge impact on your business growth, and how using value-driven, personalised outreach can transform your cold outbound results.

Messaging Essentials

Confessions of a Marketer

In Episode 66 of Mark Reed-Edwards’ podcast, he discusses Adam’s book, “Marketing Isn’t About You”. They talk about marketing and communication for companies with a cause.

Messaging Essentials


Adam writes on TNW about website user experience. He talks about why designing websites should be focused on a care for those visiting, and gives actionable advice on how to correct mistakes that could be lowering your conversions.