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Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 12 2021
The Cost Of Growth

The Cost Of Growth

Growth isn’t linear. Nor is the effort required to grow.

More of what got you here is unlikely to get you there.

Entrepreneurs who “need this advertising campaign to work” didn’t count the cost of growing with PPC.

Creators who “want more fans and more free time” didn’t consider that those goals may not move in parallel with each other.

Enjoying where we are is no bad thing. Neither is wanting to grow.

Just remember to count the cost and prepare accordingly before you go.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 11 2021
Convince Them To Steal

Convince Them To Steal

Worried someone might steal your big idea?

If it’s big, they won’t.

People only steal ideas they believe are possible.

Google AdWords only had 350 advertisers when they launched.

Bitcoin was created 12 years ago. You could buy coins for $2.

If you need to protect your idea with an NDA, you may not be thinking big enough.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 10 2021
Know who you are

Know who you are

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” — Thales of Miletus

I was talking with a friend recently who felt they’d forgotten who they were.

Perhaps you can relate to this feeling. You might forget sometimes too. I think we all do a bit in times of change.

But don’t let it drag on: don’t be unsure about who you are. Get clear.

Agnosticism is lazy: You either have faith or you don’t. You believe or you don’t. You are or you are not. You’re pursuing or you’re not.

Don’t be agnostic about yourself.

Know who you are, then show up — everything is easier when you do.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 09 2021
Understanding Value

Understanding Value

“If I can just download the image file, why would I buy the NFT?”

Is the same as…

“If I can just download a picture of money, why would I work for yours?”

One method produces valuable (like gold or APPL stock, valuable because others think it is too).

The other method doesn’t (and risks bringing your integrity into question).

Value has always been divided into two camps:

  1. Valuable to you because you decided it’s valuable
  2. Valuable to a group because the group decided it’s valuable

For first is why you keep paintings your kids made.

The second is why people value the Mona Lisa. Or a Cryptopunk.

If you want to make something valuable to your family, make something your family values.

If you want to make something valuable to the market, make something the market values.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 08 2021
New Things Coming

New Things Coming

This is a really strange post for me to write.

I’m both excited and sad, at the same time.

Here we go:

There are some really big projects coming up soon.

I’ve been planning them for a little while, and they’re starting to take shape.

I don’t want to give away too much information just yet (I’ll share more over the coming days and weeks!) but today, I’d love to share a new focus for our company:

“Become Wiser, Kinder, Stronger & More Mindful in Business & Life with Creative Takes On The 4 Stoic Virtues.”

There are some fantastic (and significant) new bodies of work coming that I can’t wait to share with you.

Your business is going to benefit massively from what’s coming. And you will as a person, too.

Here’s the sad part:

These are going to take a significant amount of time to bring to life. So I’ve made the decision to spin down the daily comic as it currently stands.

It’s been four years of daily blogging and sharing ideas. Four years!

You’ve no idea the trials I’ve faced during those four years and yet managed to keep the ideas rolling…

And the act of producing these posts every day for four years? The effect it’s had on my idea muscles has been profound.

I thoroughly recommend you try it.

The ideas that are coming next are probably in part due to the discipline and transformation brought about by the daily post.

I think you’re going to absolutely love some of the things that are coming next.

Stay tuned and buckle up!

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 07 2021
This Is Not Normal

This Is Not Normal

This is normal: • Working on a project, while… • Listening to music, while… • Messaging a friend or colleague, while… • Checking email real quick, while… • Notifications keep popping up about upcoming meetings.

When spelled out like that, it sounds really unfocused.

Almost as though it’s impossible to truly do great work.

And it might sound all too familiar.

This is not normal: • Working on a project, while… • Doing nothing else.

And yet it sounds like a recipe for progress, momentum, and growth.

Why not try that route?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 06 2021
Direct, Simple & Emotionally Taxing

Direct, Simple & Emotionally Taxing

We often focus on the wrong things when we want something:

If people buy from those they trust, demonstrate your trustworthiness… instead of your sales acumen.

If people buy from their friends, equip their friends to share… instead of strangers.

If people like people who show up vulnerably, let us all see the real you… instead of obsessing over post schedules.

The best answer is usually more direct, simple, and more emotionally taxing than the elaborate alternatives we ideate.

Let it be simple.

Let us see the real you.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 05 2021
A New Word For New Work

A New Word For New Work

“Work then retire” is the booby-prize.

What’s the alternative?

Let’s take a look:

#1 Work = sacrificing the now for an imaginary future. That’s how we often use the term ‘work’, and that’s the trade it represents in that context.

#2 Retirement = living in the now, tomorrow takes care of itself. The work is done, provisions have been made, and so one ceases to produce.

#3 Doing work you love = see #2. This needs a word to describe it. I’m not sure what it is if there is one. But creating from this place creates the output, engagement and stamina needed to provide for today and tomorrow with no sacrifice needed.

Are you doing the ‘new work’?

Or just the old kind?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 04 2021
Honour Your Yes

Honour Your Yes

There’s opportunity everywhere.

You couldn’t capture all of it if you tried:

Crypto? There’s NFTs, altcoins, cryptogaming… all with their own niches and patterns.

Marketing? There’s demand gen, lead gen, lead nurture… all with their own tactics and skillsets.

Property? There’s construction, acquisition, syndication… all with their own rules and routines.

There’s opportunity in every sub-category of every category.

Forget fomo: the art of focus is saying No to 1,000 things, so that you can honour your Yes with the care it needs to thrive.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 03 2021
The Strategy That Works

The Strategy That Works

LinkedIn can either be for spamming “leads”, or making “friends”.

One needs “targeted outbound” to consider you. The other doesn’t even need to be asked.

Twitter can either be for promoting your wares as “that guy”, or for contributing to the conversation as “one of the guys”.

One needs muting. The other we look out for and actively share with others.

In each case, both choices require effort, emotional labour, and time.

Why not choose the one that works?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 02 2021
Unpopular Marketing

Unpopular Marketing

Popular: “Listen to me, I have made something cool, you should want this, act now or FOMO”

Unpopular: “I’ve been listening to you, I heard what you want, and I’ve made that for you”

One is loud and threatens the senses. One cares and makes your life better.

Which sounds more like your marketing?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
November 01 2021
Never Been Easier

Never Been Easier

It’s never been easier to create online.

#1 You can make under your name and let the world follow along. Publishing is free, instant, and access has never been more available to us all.

#2 Afraid to do #1? You can make anonymously and learn by doing without any risk. Publishing is still free, anonymous creativity is broadly accepted, and the access is still there.

No more excuses for not making and shipping.

What are you going to make?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 31 2021
Marketing Changed

Marketing Changed

Marketing changed.

What used to work:

  • Putting your logo on everything for awareness
  • Paid adverts delivered to a broad demographic
  • Clever, sensational product headlines

What works now:

  • Letting others embody your brand values
  • Real voices talking to their narrow demographics
  • Knowing the language of your chosen few

Are you ready?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 30 2021
Welcome Back To The Metaverse

Welcome Back To The Metaverse

In 2008, I met my wife, in the metaverse.

In 2009, metaverse was how we paid our bills.

Then we didn’t hear about metaverse for a while. Our focus on serving people where they are took us away from the metaverse for a while.

But people are going to go back to the metaverse again, very soon.

Facebook is called Meta now. Their work on Horizon Worlds and new ways to interact with others will make the metaverse normal.

The crypto is meta too. Projects like Decentraland offer an alternative in the spirit of the open web for the world to come closer together in a time where pandemics are keeping us further apart.

I know I’ve been working on metaverse plans for about twelve months as we anticipate the wave, and lots of people are going to want support embracing those they serve in this new environment.

I say ‘new’… it’s more like a ‘homecoming’ to Kezi and I.

See you in the metaverse soon, friends.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 29 2021
The Point Of No Point

The Point Of No Point

What’s the point?

In what you make, I mean.

There’s comfort in there being a point… a larger vision that we’re contributing to, that makes all of our work worthwhile.

And when we see the point as being attributable to something grand — somehow advancing humanity — it makes us feel even better.

But what if there’s no point?

What if making that software is just to solve a simple problem that makes someone’s day slightly less arduous, or a little more fun?

What if selling that artwork isn’t to heal the human condition, but simply to make cool stuff that you enjoy making and others enjoy buying?

Sometimes there’s a point.

Sometimes there isn’t.

There being a point is not the point.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 28 2021
Do You Show Up Daily?

Do You Show Up Daily?

How much do you “show up” every day?

A tweet lasts for a few seconds. Five tweets per day is ten seconds of “showing up” out of 24 hours.

A tweet that gets shared lasts a few more. Now those five tweets “show up” for a few minutes. That’s an improvement.

A comment lasts a few seconds. We scroll past them every day. A few seconds added to your “show up” time.

A thoughtful comment lasts a few more. We stop and read these. We might like, comment or follow based on it. That added much more to our “show up” time.

We often over-appreciate how much “showing up” we’re actually doing.

The quality or quantity is usually off.

We need both. And we need both to be uniquely you.

How much time do you really “show up” each day?

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 27 2021
Making Growth Fun

Making Growth Fun

All online content and media fits into one of these three categories.

Which is yours in?

#1 Making for growth This is the category most online courses and business-y content strives to fit in.

It prizes success and accomplishment, often hustle and prestige. Fun isn’t the goal. Growth is the goal.

#2 Making for fun This is the category where perusing YouTube or chatting aimlessly with friends belongs.

We used to call this “surfing” the web. It’s leisurely and doesn’t advertise growth at all. Growth isn’t the point. Fun is the point.

#3 Making growth fun This is the third category. Either of the above can explore it.

Growth that’s fun. Or fun that helps you grow. Entertainment with substance. Or substance that’s entertaining.

Whichever of the first two you think your work fits into, it would probably benefit from actually being in the third.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 26 2021
Being Worthy Of Your Support

Being Worthy Of Your Support

Almost every day, I’m send links to causes to support, rallies to rally, missions to back.

The overwhelming majority don’t make the cut for me.


#1: Synthetic mission: You can feel when a project doesn’t have an authentic mission. And if you can’t, you find out soon enough after spending just enough time with the founder(s) for them to let their guard down.

If they aren’t who they say they are, or their work isn’t for what they say it’s for, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

#2: Expression disconnect: Maybe it’s an art project where the art was outsourced to someone who doesn’t care (how can that make a good talisman for the cause?) Or maybe it’s a spokesperson who doesn’t embody the heart behind the project (how does this happen so often?)

If the core components aren’t true to the work they exist to represent, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

#3: No heartbeat: Pull back the curtain. If the team believe the same things… If the core components are all aligned… Does it work?

Are they working well together, is there a coherent plan, is it being managed appropriately?

Or is it a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants endeavour where funds, roadmaps and strategies change by the day? If so, it’s a no from me. And it should be from you too.

There are many projects to support out there. Many are not what they claim to be.

So kick the tyres. Ask lots of questions. Then ask even more.

The ones worthy of your support will have the answers.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 25 2021
Don’t Make That Trade

Don’t Make That Trade

Sometimes, people take advantage. Or wind you up. Or disappoint you.

And in those times, you might consider making a trade.

Those times are the worst times to make a trade:

We choose generosity because of who we are, not others. It’s easy to think being selfish is easier, since most other people are. But changing who you are into something ugly is a lousy trade.

We choose simplicity because of who we are, not others. It’s easy to complicate things in the pursuit of more, or to impress yourself or others. But changing our desired lifestyle to impress others is a lousy trade.

We choose courage because of who we are, not others. It’s easy to go along with the culture. It’s hard to go your own way. But sacrificing your own way to fit in is a lousy trade.

Don’t make those trades.

Bring your values to your work not because of what others want, but because of who you are.

Adam Fairhead Adam Fairhead
October 24 2021
You Might Not Be Ready

You Might Not Be Ready

Are you ready?

If you hope your project will succeed right away, you might not be ready. But if you’re committed to seeing it succeed because you’ll give it the time and care it needs to thrive, you won’t need to rely on hope anymore.

If you hope your ads to be profitable right away, you might not be ready. But if you’ve done the important work of knowing your audience before engaging with a platform to build leverage around your understanding, you won’t need to rely on hope anymore.

If you hope to receive certain reaction from others, you might not be ready. But if you’ve made the decision to be the kind of person that should receive that kind of reaction, you won’t need to rely on hope anymore.

Hoping and praying are strategises for churches, not people or businesses.

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