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December 01, 2020     Daily Post

Books To Avoid

Books To Avoid

So many business books…shouldn’t be books.

Most have a good idea in them, but not every good idea should be a book.

Some ideas need 140 characters to be complete. Authors should Tweet those ideas, rather than Book them.

Other ideas could be a gnarly-sized blog post. 5,000 words of gold, for us all to experience and for the idea to spread.

Occasionally – just occasionally – an idea is Book-worthy.

Most business books are tweets disguised as books. I’m happy when I find a good blog post disguised as a book.

Whenever we find books that are deserving of their form, we’d do well to be evangelic of them.

Perhaps that way we’ll all find ourselves with fewer books we wish we hadn’t bought.

December 01, 2020     Daily Post

Patient Execution

Patient Execution

Got clarity over where you’re going?

Impatient execution comes next:

You know what you want and it’s not done yet. The messaging, the product, the campaigns and the new website and the customers and the retweets, the list goes on.

And so you rush. Chasing vendors for tighter deadlines, throwing money at suboptimal advertising, making desperate claims in your offers. This is inpatient execution. It burns bridges and loses trust.

The alternative is to know what you want and be okay that it’s not done yet. The same messaging, product, campaigns and websites, all the same things, incomplete.

But because you didn’t rush your vendors, they didn’t rush your output – they made things properly. The advertising wasn’t rushed because you took the time to understand what people need to hear. Your offers benefitted from those same insights.

This is patient execution. It builds relationships, trust, and bodies of work you (and the rest of us) can rely on.

November 30, 2020     Daily Post

Show Tomorrow Some Respect

Show Tomorrow Some Respect

Interesting thing about respect:

When you lead a sales or coaching call, you don’t just wander in late with no plan. You’re there on time, with a roadmap for how the session is going to go, in order to ensure it’s a successful session for everybody.

When you begin a project, you can’t work the plan without planning the work, or you’ll just waste time and opportunity without getting anything done.

When you show up tomorrow, are you going to dignify it with a prepared version of yourself, where you know what success looks like, where there’s a plan in place?

Or are you going to disrespect the day by ‘winging it’ and causing suboptimal results for everyone involved?

It’s sort of weird to think of “showing respect to a day”.

Try it anyway.

November 29, 2020     Daily Post

Resilient Like The Internet

Resilient Like The Internet

If you use Google for everything, Google can shut you down.

Email, calendar, advertising, photos, website, analytics, the list goes on.

Perhaps you’ve been building your work in this way, where you’re dependent on one channel (Facebook Ads?) or contact (a critical referral source?) for the success of your work or your ability to reach those you serve.

The Internet is resilient because it doesn’t require Google, or Amazon, or any one entity in order to survive and heal itself. It’s stronger when it’s able to go on regardless.

And so is your body of work.

In what ways could you make your work, team, company and services more resilient, by leaning less on the whims of a few?

November 28, 2020     Daily Post

Anxiety and Solving Problems

Anxiety and Solving Problems

Feel anxious sometimes?

Solving problems while not solving problems is “anxiety”.

When lying in bed at night, or eating your lunch, or trying to get something else done… anxiety emerges when we want to solve a problem while we’re not.

You’re great at solving problems while you’re fully engaged in a particular problem. You’re terrible at doing it at 3am while half-asleep. That’s okay.

Being thankful that we get to solve problems while not solving them is “peace”.

Being mindful that the problem will still be there for us when we come back to it, and being thankful for the fact that we get to solve problems like these, removes that anxiety.

Feeling anxious? Either focus on solving the problem, or be thankful that you get to work on interesting problems.

You may just find that the added creative energy you’ll bring to your work this way will reveal better solutions anyway.

November 27, 2020     Daily Post

2021 Doesn’t Care (And Why That’s Good)

2021 Doesn’t Care (And Why That’s Good)

2021 is coming whether we like it (or are ready for it) or not.

It doesn’t care if sales are down. If people aren’t interested in what’s for sale, we get to change what we offer! Change is what you signed up for when you elected to serve a body of people.

It doesn’t care if products are struggling. If people have different needs, in different quantities or volumes or frequencies, we get to change to be a better steward of the responsibilities we chose when we called our people “clients”.

It doesn’t care if 2020 was difficult and you’d rather an easier year next year. ‘Easy’ is merely an environment where the lazy and careless get fat. 2021 is an environment where people like you get to thrive.

2021 doesn’t care. And so those of us doing meaningful, important work get to flourish thanks to our continued commitment and care for those we serve.

November 26, 2020     Daily Post

Make Ugly Things

Make Ugly Things

Why make ugly things?

If you want to make beautiful things, you have to first make ugly things… until your skills improve enough to create the kind of results that you want.

If you only make beautiful things, you’re not learning and growing… you’re just sticking to skills you’ve already developed, rather than stretching them or creating new ones.

Learning to love making ugly things – to be proud of them just as you are the beautiful things – is to be able to make more beautiful things than you thought possible, thanks to your celebration of growth, rather than just results.

What ugly things have you made lately?

November 25, 2020     Daily Post

Chose Your Own Competitors

Chose Your Own Competitors

Who are your competitors?

Other industry players? They could be, if you decide to paint within the lines and conduct yourself precisely as everyone else does, adding or removing nothing from the formula or the result. Moving the goal posts is allowed, doing things differently changes who you can be compared to.

Industry alternative players? They could be, if you decide to fight for the same result as it is perceived in the buyer’s mind, without creating new clarity that could elevate their understanding and change the buying criteria. Again, moving the goal posts is allowed if it brings more meaningful advantage to those you serve.

Industry titans? They could be, if you strive to be just like them, painting you as merely a “not quite as good” version of them. The alternative is to strive to be precisely what is best for those in the market who aren’t perfectly served by the mega corps, making that which makes you different, that which makes you better.

You choose your own competition. Who did you pick?

November 24, 2020     Daily Post

Journaling Improves Focus

Journaling Improves Focus

Do you journal?

You might find it improves your focus:

Reviewing hopes and goals that became reality remind us to celebrate the wins we’ve achieved that we maybe didn’t pause to fully recognise.

Regrets we feel about wasted time are squashed by paper reminders that much of what we’ve done probably exceeds our past goals anyway.

Goals that have shifted over time are good reminders that what’s important to us today may not be quite so important later, just as our older ones aren’t so important today.

Constant goals are good reminders of the things that actually are important to us, that perhaps need more focus than we’ve been giving them (maybe because of the shifting goals above).

It’s not always easy giving the time to the discipline of keeping a journal.

But there’s a magic in looking into the mind of your former self which, if harnessed, can help create more focus and appreciation today.

November 23, 2020     Daily Post

Change Focus, Change Result

Change Focus, Change Result

Let’s say you’re running a project:

If you run it with a focus on making it run smoothly, chances are it’ll run smoothly. If a stakeholder or client gets in the way of the smooth sailing, they’ll be taken care of in the interest of creating the result we’re looking for.

If you run it with a focus on making the client happy, chances are they’ll be happy. If a project needs to be crazy behind the scenes to make it happen, so be it, all in the interest of creating the result we’re looking for.

If you run it where each has someone to focus on it, chances are we’ll achieve both, providing those two play well together. Otherwise we achieve neither.

The same body of work can be influenced massively by what we focus on as we approach that work.

What has your focus?