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Calling All Difference Makers:

Are you ready to create what matters sell it ethically & make more impact?

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Helping teams doing work that matters, do more of what matters.


Adam’s New Book

Marketing Isn’t About You: The 2 things that matter if you sell things that matter.


“The marketplace is becoming increasingly intolerant to businesses without cause.”

Adam is a sought-after advocate of cause-driven business, English entrepreneur, philanthropist, marketer and founder of the Fairhead Group.

“Difference makers had different tools in different generations. In early AD, the great philosophers changed the world. In recent history, preachers had the power to create change. Now, we have a marketplace that is becoming increasingly intolerant to businesses without cause.

I believe in equipping and outfitting businesses on a mission with with the tools and resources they need to make a real, lasting impact on the world.”

Adam Fairhead

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My blog is dedicated to sharing ideas, insights and challenges that will help you create and sell what matters for the betterment of your cause.

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1016: Finished Enough

It’s probably “finished enough” to publish and come back to. Learning from what people thought about it, or didn’t understand, or want to see more or, could help turn your work into something you can be really proud of.

You are creating what matters.

How can we help you sell it better and make more impact?

Built For Impact

BuiltForImpact Websites

by Fairhead Creative

BuiltForImpact is a focused one-page online distillation of your message with a concentrated focus on ethical, effective sales.

Marketing Isn't About You

Marketing Isn't About You

by Adam Fairhead

Our latest book to help you understand the two things that matters if you sell things that matter. Get 3 chapters free:

Marketing Review

Meaningful Marketing Blog

by Fairhead Creative

Sharing our journey to discover how to create & quantify the most impactful, long-lasting websites in the world.

What real-life difference makers are saying about these products:

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This is exceptional. You created something that resonated with me on a deep, personal level. It’s helped me solidify my vision and communicate more clearly.

– Guy W, Coach
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“500% return for my fashion store”

They put their clients before self-service which I’m yet to experience anywhere else. I can trust these guys to do whatever it takes to make me move forward. I have 3-5X ROI and +269.2% conversions from these principles.

– Prerna A, Fashion Brand Owner
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“This system works for online stores”

I’ve witnessed first-hand how these strategies turn into striking performance increases for online stores. I now leverage them at every opportunity.

– Arnaud S, Serial-Entrepreneur
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"It's amazing"

It's amazing. Before I met these guys, I was thinking of closing my beauty company. But the affect the work these guys can do–and how it affects my sales–has given me (and my brand) new life.

– Opeyemi A, Beauty Brand Owner
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"Will have you thinking in new ways"

No matter how well you might think that you know the essence of your company, your brand, and your customers, this will have you thinking about all of those things in a way that you haven't before.

– Fran B, Beauty Brand Owner
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"Prospects improved dramatically"

Once I used the mission narrative structure, the quality of prospects improved dramatically. They were often ready to buy by the time they actually reached me.

– Heather P, Business Coach
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“Essential for cause-driven biz”

I’ve seen the systems and strategies inside. This is stuff every cause-driven organization needs to know, yet so few do. This is a must-have.

– Zach H, Entrepreneur
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“Brings my ideas to life”

These strategies bring levels of engagement for my company that we didn’t have before. It brings my ideas to life and engages my visitors.

– Emily L, Entrepreneur
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"Almost get to be in their heads"

It's almost like developing a siren call directly into the hearts and minds of the people that you can best help. So, it's very useful to go through this process whereby you almost get to be in their heads.

– Yvonne H, Business Coach
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“Ideas I never would have thought of”

I took this to help me hone my message. They did an A+ job coaching me, giving me marketing ideas I never would have thought of. The best coaching session I've ever had!!!

– Laurie W, Author

“A percentage of everything our clients invest in us goes straight to fighting human trafficking.

It's the fastest growing crime in the world.

Together, we can make a difference…”

Adam Fairhead Fairhead Group