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September 05, 2020     Daily Post

Make & Shift

Make & Shift

“Makeshift” things – temporary constructs of any kind – get a bad rep.

They’re temporary, created swiftly, and don’t solve a problem for good.

And they’re precisely what effective, permanent bodies of work are built upon.

The product or service you want to build could start with the perfect idea, perfectly executed, with perfect market reception. But those who have experienced success know this is exceptionally rare, and not to be counted on.

More likely, it will start with a workable idea brought to market with makeshift processes – things that deliver on your promise without over-engineering. Perfect execution of something nobody wants is worth nothing, after all.

Success isn’t really built upon success, is it? It’s built upon learning from those makeshift things – those temporary constructs, created swiftly, that doesn’t solve a problem for good.