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September 02, 2020     Daily Post

That’s Not Always True

That’s Not Always True

In marketing and business, we hear about “truths” that everyone accepts as absolute fact.

Even when they aren’t:

Scarcity creates urgency? Sometimes. Other times, it makes us fear for the future of our investment. We trust our iPhones over newcomer no-name manufacturers because we know for sure that, next year, there will be another that our things will work with.

Premium feel creates desire? Sometimes. Other times, the feeling of accessibility or reliability far outperforms a sector bias.

Success leaves clues? Sometimes. Other times, it leaves a trail of mined opportunities, encouraging you to look for greener pastures.

Sometimes, doing the opposite of “absolute facts” is to reap rewards others were too afraid to explore.

The take-away isn’t to be contrary. It’s to get out of the boxes built by gurus and pave your own creative path uniquely designed for those you serve.