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August 29, 2020     Daily Post

Patience Vs Stubbornness

Patience Vs Stubbornness

Apparently, Warren Buffett’s favorite investment holding period is “forever.”

Does that make him patient, or stubborn?

Forever could be patiently waiting, or stubbornly holding. See what he did recently…

He sold all $7 billion of his airline stocks earlier this year, based on only a short period of new data.

Does that make him patient, or stubborn?

Stubbornness would cling to the investment because “forever is my favorite”. Patience would advocate playing the long game, even if the long game means looking at airlines again another day.

Stubbornness is often mistaken for patience.

Running a project or venture past it’s prime because of sunk costs feels like patience, but isn’t.

Abandoning a stock because it’s tanking past acceptable losses feels like a lack of patience, but it isn’t.

Every day we’re challenged to be patient about something. Make sure you’re being truly patient, and not merely stubborn.