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August 23, 2020     Daily Post

Over-Complicating Things

Over-Complicating Things

Most complex things are just lots of much simpler things, put together.

If the complex challenge standing before you were to be broken down into just 5 steps, what would they be?

Perhaps one of those steps is to simply decide to not over-complicate this.

Or perhaps one of those steps is to give it to someone with experience in solving that problem (or to find 3 people who could and pick 1).

Maybe one of the steps is to make a simple low-tech phone call or to write something down for someone to review and execute upon.

Maybe it’s to draw your idea, massaging the drawing based on what you hear on that phone call.

It’s very easy to over-complicate things. The beauty of your body of work unlikely benefits from such weight. But it might become more beautiful if you made things simpler.