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August 17, 2020     Daily Post

Order Within Chaos

Order Within Chaos

“Follow these 14 steps to become rich”

“Use this secret Facebook hack to triple your results” Seen these marketing messages before, right?

There’s a reason for that:

The feeling of ‘order’ they provide is intoxicating. For every human brain out there. Little do many know that the pursuit for complete and eternal order in their marketing is what plummets businesses into chaos.

The reality is that the world doesn’t behave like that. We ride along in a small coupé of order, along vast interstates of chaos. Things change because people change. Things can get a bit crazy because people can get a bit crazy. That’s okay.

The greatest sense of order available to any of us pursuing meaningful work is found not in forcing the people to change but to understand how they behave so that you see the corners coming.

After all, empathy and connection aren’t about telling people they’re wrong, but being with them where they are. From a marketing perspective, which approach do you think enables more transformation in the lives of those we wish to serve?