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July 22, 2020     Daily Post

Judge Creators

Judge Creators

“Download Now”, “opt-in”, “it’ll be worth it.”

Opting in is supposed to be a commitment.

A promise of action.

Action that goes beyond downloading something or inputting an email address, an isolated progression-point. Yet that’s what many marketers have made it mean.

It should be a two-way valve of commitment:

The creator should commit to only producing opportunities to opt in that he/she is truly proud of, that produces results select people desire. If it’s just an excuse to hound people, don’t bother.

The recipient should commit to judging their newly-received opt-in materials in a timely manner.

If judged positively – if the offer affirms the promise and the materials are great, the recipient should expect to appreciate how much more is available to them from the creator, and explore that possibility

If judged negatively, they should move on, and no amount of pursuit should dissuade them.

To not be judged at all – to merely receive and do nothing – is the worst of all.

Please, judge creators.