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July 20, 2020     Daily Post

Things Won’t Always Be This Way

Things Won’t Always Be This Way

What do you believe about success and failure?

It’s easier to believe “it’s all better now” when things are good. That the trajectory remains constant providing we stay the path. Believing this makes us fat in prosperity and less effective guardians of those in our care.

It’s easier to think “it’s part of a grand plan” when things are bad. That the failures aren’t really ours, because reasons. Believing this starves of the biggest benefit of self-attributed failures: progress.

It’s harder to accept that things won’t always be this way, for better for worse, as markets – like life and economics – have seasons.

If you do work that matters, if you want to be worthy of your post as guide to those you serve with that work, believe in the seasons – plan for them rather than resenting them.