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July 17, 2020     Daily Post

Talking Over You

Talking Over You

I closed a brokerage account.

Not because it wasn’t paying off. It was.

Their systems were sound, their product feature-complete, their brand reputable.

But people don’t usually leave because of minor feature omissions or niche brand status.

They’re far more likely to leave – as I did – because someone on the front lines wasn’t trained properly:

Bad support: If you don’t feel looked after, you’ll notice loud and clear when someone else treats you better.

Bad customer service: If their phone reps talk over you in a rude or superior manner, you’re gone. All those marketing dollars to acquire the customer, wasted.

Both of these things happened, so I took those resources elsewhere.

If you’re doing work that matters, you may have facets of your work that you deem simple, negligible, abdicable. Those are your weak spots. Pay attention to them.