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July 15, 2020     Daily Post

Imperfect Setups

Imperfect Setups

Do you and those you work alongside produce the same work as everyone else in the market?

Or do you do something special, something unique?

If you don’t do anything unique, there will be off-the-shelf, already-in-the-box tools for you to use precisely as prescribed.

If you do things differently, specifically for the benefit of those in your care, expect to operate with an imperfect setup.

One where you have to build some of your own tools. One where not everything plays nice with everything else…just yet. One where you make sacrifices for the benefit of the work.

It could be a less elegant phone system because your way of doing things creates a unique experience for your clients that nobody supports out-of-the-box.

If could be a software solution that creates some duplicate entry work on your part, because you’re ahead of the curve with a marketing model that nobody else is using.

If your setup is imperfect, it could be that you just need to set things up properly. Not every imperfect setup means you’re doing things better (it could be that you’re doing it wrong)…

…but it also might be an indication that you’re doing something special, something remarkable, something worth talking about.