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June 28, 2020     Daily Post

Don’t Agree With Everything In The Book

Don’t Agree With Everything In The Book

Read any good books lately?

I hope you didn’t agree with everything in it:

Agreeing with everything might be a sign you didn’t integrate it into your world. You’re not them, their world isn’t yours, everything is not the same. There’s value in seeing what fits and what doesn’t – otherwise we can’t apply what we learn.

Take what you can that fits your world. Read with the intention of finding those pieces. Read with the intention of discarding the sections that don’t apply. Now we’ve a list of pieces that can help us grow in our craft or other pursuits.

Here’s a worthy exercise: find at least one thing in every book you read, that you don’t agree with. That way, you know you’re using your head and are actively integrating what you learn.

What have you disagreed with lately?