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June 19, 2020     Daily Post

Show Me Your Home Screen

Show Me Your Home Screen

Show me your apps, I’ll show you your focus.

It may seem like a silly connection to make. We all have many apps on our phones, but we can tell a lot about our focus by what tools we keep close by.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit on your home screen? Unless you’re a social media manager, your focus may be sinking into the wrong places.

Bejeweled, Candy Crush and PlantsVsZombies on your home screen? We can be confident that your downtime isn’t going to be devoted to study and strategy, for instance.

None of these things are “bad”.

But they do indicate where our attention goes each time we unlock our devices.

If you’re invested into meaningful work, it pays to pay attention to what you pay attention to.

A really simple way to make a small tweak to that is to simply change up that home screen.