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June 09, 2020     Daily Post

State Of Emergency

State Of Emergency

At post number 911, I thought it only made sense to address a state of emergency.

The world, at the time of writing, is in massive flux. There are big problems which seem insurmountable.

Things can feel that way within our organizations, too. A problem that requires a significant change in direction to solve. Where many variables are unknown, or skills lacking.

Break it down.

Street riots calm when the public doesn’t demonize all policemen because of the acts of a few. The police don’t demonize the entire general public because of a few (regardless of colour).

Business problems calm when the problem isn’t seen as one big insurmountable mass. When broken down into smaller pieces – problems to address one at a time – we’re able to see our next steps, instead of viewing the whole journey as a single step.

Take a calm step forward.

(In case of emergency, dial blog post 911.)