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May 29, 2020     Daily Post

Wins Along The Way

Wins Along The Way

This is not Post 1,000 of my daily blog.

But it is Post 900.

Sometimes, while producing bodies of work that are important to us, we can lose sight of the wins along the way.

1000 is on your mind when you hit 900. That’s natural. But if we remember that 900 was just as important when we hit 800, we create space to celebrate the win.

2000 could be on your mind once you hit 1000. There’s no finishing line. Instead of fixating on arbitrary numbers, it’s better to focus on what matters.

Who you become as a result of doing this work.

What positive change you can create for others as a result of doing this work.

Whether this work is worthy of you, not if you’re worthy of it.

Goals move. Celebrate the process, it’s all we have.