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March 11, 2018     Daily Post

Put your name on it

When you were a kid and you drew a picture, what was the last detail you’d add?

Your name. You’d sign it.

You made it. You were proud of it. We sign what we’re proud of. Consider the upcoming week. What if you could sign…

  • Your next email: You already technically ‘sign’ these. Yet you probably don’t think too hard about “one measly email”. How could your next one be worthy of signing?
  • Your next workday: You’ve done these. But if you could ‘sign a day’, how could you make your next one worthy of signing?
  • Your next project: Be it assigned or self-initiated, how can you make it so special that you’d name it after yourself?

How many last week would you have signed? Perhaps it’s time to put your name on next week. And the week after that