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May 28, 2020     Daily Post

Marketing and Pets

Marketing and Pets

Or, “Why investing in your message matters”.

Imagine you called your mother today and then didn’t talk to her for three years.

After those three years had passed, let’s say you called her again and asked how her guinea pig is doing.

Chances are, that ‘pig is gone.

She’s got a dog now.

She walks Sparky every day, getting out and meeting new people in the park. She shops for hiking boots and travels on the weekend to explore new trails. Life is different.

You’ve known this lady your whole life. But, three years in, you’re borderline strangers.

What’s the take-away here?

The world keeps changing. So should your marketing message. Not for the sake of change, or as a dilution of focus, but as a recommitment to your audience.

If you want to sell more effectively so you can stay at the top of your choice of market, you have to continue learning about, caring about and connecting with that choice of market.

Your message is your way of showing you care.