When I designed the BuiltForImpact system – a way to clearly and effectively engage visitors on a website in order to lead them forward – the theory behind it didn’t come out of just nowhere.

It was built upon the shoulders of giants:

“Use metaphors, similies, analogies, things that are easy for people to relate to. Sometimes when you’re trying to distinguish what it is about you that makes you different or superior, no one gets it. Help the market develop their discriminators. – Jay Abraham

“The subconsious mind will not be influenced by any suggestions made to it except those which are mixed with feeling or emotion. – Napoleon Hill

“Establish where they are, where they want to be, what the gap is, what that feels like–not just what it is intellectually–and then how to move them to the next stage.” – Tony Robbins

“We moved away from a pain-oriented society into an aspirational-society. Relate with their ambition–your job is to find what is the ambition for the people, and touch on that in an authentic and passionate way.” – Brendon Burchard

“If you don’t learn how to tell your story, you’re not going to grow. Storytelling is the #1 way to build your brand.” – Dave Asprey

“People don’t think in terms of information. They think in terms of narratives. But while people focus on the story itself, information comes along for the ride” – Jonah Berger

“Finish conversations they’re having, not what you’re having. People don’t learn from you, buy from you, appreciate you, unless they feel understood by you, not when they understand you. When people feel understood, they’ll trust you and buy from you.” – Dean Graziosi

You get to build greatness upon greatness, instead of re-inventing the wheel for the sake of misguided attempts at “intellectual property”.

What greatness does (or could) your work build upon?