In marketing and in life, you don’t want to be beige… at least that’s what you tell yourself. Let’s put that to the test:

You don’t want your marketing message to be beige… you just want everyone to like you. If what you say is liked be everyone, it won’t be loved by anyone. Strong messages tend to polarise. To be clear on where you’re going, there will be many who will say, “But I don’t want to go there.” Those who do want to go there, won’t, unless you’re brave enough to point it out.

You don’t want your life to be beige… you just don’t want to let anyone down. If your calendar is a to-do list for everyone else in the world, you won’t let anyone down… except for yourself, those you care about, and those who your work could have made a real impact for.

Is beige for you, or are you brave enough to pick another colour?