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May 15, 2020     Daily Post

The Only Way, Isn’t

The Only Way, Isn’t

Everyone promises to know the way:

Instagram gurus all claim to have the secret to success. It’s either a badly kept, or ill-defined secret, isn’t it? Every time we see it, it appears to be defined differently. One day it’s Facebook Advertising, the next it’s a special social media hack, the next, email.

The secret is that it’s shiny. The fact that the advertised means of doing email (or whatever it is) is probably different to your way, is where it gets its appeal. And the fact that you keep changing course, is why you’re still looking at the shiny things to begin with.

The only way, isn’t. Each works to the degree it is worked. Methodical implementation and optimisation of your chosen practice isn’t as shiny as the secret, but it’s probably the practice you need to get what you’re looking for.

Know your people, go where they are, show them what they need in a way they understand, by whatever means they’d like to hear from you.

Avoid the shiny secrets.