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May 14, 2020     Daily Post

Questions For Getting Things Done

Questions For Getting Things Done

Successful projects (and a successful life) is in getting the right things done, in the right way.

Consider asking yourself these questions…

“Regarding this thing I’m trying to do or want done…”

“Who do I know that knows how to do this?” Get to know them, instead of the thing they know how to do. They’ll probably do it better.

`“Is it the best use of my/our time to be doing this?” Hint, if it’s not in your area of genius, please see the previous point.

“Is it something to achieve, or merely ‘do’?” The difference between achievement with activity is the difference between business and busyness.

“What don’t I know that I should know in order to get this done?” Speak to those who can help you answer this question, then refer to the previous questions.

How do these questions shape what you’re working on right now?