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May 13, 2020     Daily Post

Every Rep Counts

Every Rep Counts

We cancelled a large software subscription today.

But not because the software was no good (it’s actually quite good).

We cancelled because every rep counts.

We had been assigned a sales and support rep that had no desire to help us. When a member of our team would reach out for support, the response was always derogatory and pronounced: “You have no idea what you’re doing”.

The job of a sales and support rep is to help people derive maximum advantage out of that which he/she has far more idea about than those he/she is helping. To be there for them and advocate for them. To support them and help them create the results they’re looking for.

This software company has over 800,000 employees. They lost us because of one.

Are you building a company and a culture that maintains your standard of excellence? Are you equipping every member of your team to be a standard bearer for your brand?

Every rep counts.