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May 07, 2020     Daily Post

No Snowflakes

No Snowflakes

Why live by how we feel, if we allow our feelings to be controlled by external forces?

Don’t feel like making the call? Modify your state: the only people who don’t get the jitters when needing to make an important call are those who maintain a discipline of making a lot of important calls. If the resistance breeds resistance, action breeds action.

Don’t feel like writing that email? Modify your state: if it could produce a 1/100 chance of new business for your team, while producing a genuine transformation for the recipient, giving up at email #27 makes little sense. We grow when we do difficult things against difficult odds. Conveniently, writing emails to people need not be “hard”.

Don’t feel like hitting that task? Modify your state: you get to choose between behaving like a high-performer or like a spoilt child. Our reactions to tasks we don’t feel like doing can enable growth: we either assign it to a better suitor, or if we’re the best fit for the task, we get to develop mental strength by pushing through the I-don’t-feel-like-its.

Modify your state to modify your outcome. Or make room for someone who will, for the benefit of your peers and those in your care.