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May 01, 2020     Daily Post

Caterpillars In Your Broccoli

Caterpillars In Your Broccoli

Nobody’s returning food right now.

Food’s trickier to get when the market freezes and the pandemic dissuades you from going into stores personally.

Food quality appears to be going down. Rotting lettuce, moldy bread and caterpillars in your broccoli. Who’s gonna return it when it’s that or nothing?

We’ll remember this when the market recovers. The time when we needed you and you rested on your laurels. The time you could have led us, but instead you focused on expanding your margins.

Maintaining your standards when you don’t have to (or when nobody’s looking) will also be remembered. We won’t see a “return on our integrity” right away, nor is it a “metric worth tracking”.

But it’s the one most worthy of your investment.