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April 16, 2020     Daily Post

Funny Money Talk

Funny Money Talk

There are some strange money conversations happening in the world at the moment:

“Offer me a discount because of the pandemic”? If the value you render to those in your care has changed, or if the needs of those people have changed, then there is good sense to change the scope of your work and, as such, the price you charge. Otherwise, if nothing has changed, why make a change?

“Just send me a quote” without budget information? If part of the value you render to those in your care is the careful, precise prescription of the right solution to the right problem (and budget is absolutely a factor) then there is good sense to require the budget be known before you write your prescription. Otherwise, you cannot render your service to the level of excellence you expect of yourself.

Deliver exquisite value, for a fair price, in the manner which creates most transformation for those in your care, relative to the problems they are experiencing today.

No funny money talk required.