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April 13, 2020     Daily Post

The Only Story That Matters

The Only Story That Matters

The story that those in your choice of market is are telling themselves right now is a winding, blurry path between where they are and where they want to be.

You’re either a part of that path, or you’re not.

Most companies leave that decision up to the visitor. But if you can make that decision for them, through your words and your design, interest in what you do shoots through the roof.

If you’re shopping for a computer and the website you’re visiting understands that you want speed so you don’t sound sloppy while on the phone with a client, you’re far more likely to buy a computer from them than if you saw spec sheets about how 16GB RAM is going to rock your world.

Or if you want to improve your B Corp certification score because you barely scraped through last year, a consultant who understands you’re tense about only having scraped through is likely to resonate with you more than if they’re only pitching response times and package options.

It could be that you’re having a hard time communicating clearly enough on your website and you’re aware of how that’s costing you a lot of potential business, a site that empathises with the difference between blending in and standing out will resonate far more than a page that rambles on about awards and how many design revisions you get.

Connect to the story they’re already telling. That’s the only story that matters.