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April 09, 2020     Daily Post

The Price Of Losing Trust

The Price Of Losing Trust

Zoom conferencing software lost our trust this year, by selling everyone’s data to Facebook.

Zoom also lost our trust last year, by secretly installing web servers on everyone’s desktops that turned out to be a haven for hackers.

These things have since been fixed.

But both were intentional acts, reversed only as a byproduct of mass-media coverage which will have influenced revenue.

Mistakes happen. Make them, apologize for them, be better because of them. This happens to the best of us.

But we shouldn’t trust Zoom anymore, because they didn’t make mistakes, they just got caught.

The price of losing trust outweighs any perceived benefit of playing fast ‘n’ loose with trust earned.

Earn trust. Protect it. It’s worth more than gold.