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March 31, 2020     Daily Post

You May Have Heard Email Is Dying

You May Have Heard Email Is Dying

You may have heard that email is dying.

It’s not.

The newsletters that blasts customers with offers to buy things – they’re dying.

The automated responder lists that track your every move and hound you to progress – they’re dying.

The over-designed, over-polished, this-wasn’t-made-for-me emails you can’t trust – they’re dying.

Businesses and individuals continue to use email every day, just like they always have. Open rates aren’t going down for no reason, customers have simply learned what ‘spam’ is, and they extend that term to more things than they used to. They don’t want to be bombarded with pervasive, never-ending offers anymore.

Email was always supposed to be a** conversation**, wasn’t it?

Those never go out of style.