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March 30, 2020     Daily Post

What Does A Virtual Office Mean To You?

What Does A Virtual Office Mean To You?

A lot of virtual working is taking place today.

Many do it out of choice – like our team do – and many have been forced to due to the international pandemic.

Which begs the question: What does a virtual office environment mean to you?

An easier place to hide? This is one option. Have someone wiggle your mouse for you periodically while you go for a run. Tell them you’re working hard while perusing Facebook instead. Nobody’s looking over your shoulder, so you can either prove them right for trying, or prove you can do better…

An easier place to produce meaningful work? This is the other option. Use the newly found headspace previously consumed with watercooler talk for something good. Produce more thoughtfully, intentionally and bravely now that you have the margin and freedom to asynchronously lead your work forward.

A lot of companies have been worried about the idea of working virtually for a long time.

Validate their concerns… or prove them all wrong.