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March 29, 2020     Daily Post

While Quarantined

While Quarantined

While many are being asked to work from home during the global coronavirus pandemic, there is concern that the market will contract and less work will get done.

With no distractions from other workers and an environment entirely of their design, people are expected to produce less important work than usual.

Conversely, it’s said that when Shakespeare was quarantined due to the plague, he wrote King Lear.

What can we learn from this?

Now is yet another opportunity to do great work. We always had this opportunity, but with any change comes the opportunity to ask ourselves if we’ll take that opportunity.

Things are different, you can decide if different means better or worse. It can mean wrestling for toilet paper supplies, or it can mean focusing in on doing work you can be proud of.

What could you achieve while quarantined?