I’ve long thought that business culture should spend less time celebrating “success” (in the way it defines success today) and more time celebrating “the ride”.

Illustrators celebrate illustrating, not “dominating their art style”, as though the destruction of their sector is applaudable. Instead, they enjoy their art style and the many that differ from their own, contributing to thriving artistic communities that make everyone better. And they enjoy every bit of it.

Jewelers celebrate creating beautiful works of art, not “building the next killer ring”, as though ‘killing’ a corner of their craft is a goal they’d ever want. Instead, they enjoy the act of creating, they enjoy the creations of others, and they congregate frequently to appreciate each others work and grow in their skill. And they enjoy every bit of it.

Business, social enterprises and producing meaningful work are all challenging rides. They’re not easy. But it’s a little easier when newcomers and upstarts aren’t peer-pressured into becoming overnight zillionaires.

Enjoy the ride, friends. You’ll create better work if you do.