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March 04, 2018     Daily Post

More social at (remote) work

What if remote work made us more social?

While it’s easy to consider the perceived social benefits of sharing office space, I’d argue remote work enables 3 distinct advantages for social teams:

  • It’s intentional: There’s no water-cooler or being a wallflower without water-coolers and walls. Instead, you must intentionally strike up a conversation to nurture relationships. Many in offices go years without a 1-on-1 conversation, by comparison.
  • It’s controlled: Group chat, 1-on-1 chat. Synchronous, asynchronous. You get to choose when and how based on how you like to socialize. No mid-flow interruptions about the weather required.
  • Over-communication: Collaboration drops 38% unless everyone over-communicates, leaving nothing to chance. Everyone literally has to communicate more than normal.

Remote team? How could you foster more socialization?