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March 15, 2020     Daily Post

Non-Linear Impact Creation

Non-Linear Impact Creation

When you spot a problem, do you offer the obvious solution that everyone else offers, or do you first consider the world of possibilities available to you (and to them)?

When you do, dialogue becomes so much more than just Yes or No. For example:

If someone is recruiting, offer to help fill the gap while they search, or help them fill that gap, or help them train and integrate that hire, there’s so much that can be done there.

If someone has a problem, offer to help solve it, or offer to connect with someone who can, or help them to solve it themselves, there’s so much that can be done there.

When you solve a problem, you can solve it for others, or train others how to solve it for themselves, or license it to others to solve it for others, or modify to new markets, there’s so much that can be done there.

If you do work that matters, you should consider the implications of reaching (or not reaching) as many people who can derive maximum advantage from your work as possible.

That’s far more nuanced than “more ad spend”, it’s about focusing on those you wish to serve, not on your inventory.

The less it’s about you, the more opportunity you’ll have to create your impact.