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March 12, 2020     Daily Post

Don’t Fear The Tools

Don’t Fear The Tools

The market loves a “killer tool”, doesn’t it?

For creators and builders, one of today’s is the #NoCode movement.

The #NoCode movement is for people who can’t code but want to develop things, and for developers who can code but don’t want to.

Conversely, Apple’s “Everyone Can Code” campaign takes the opposite approach, encouraging everyone in their ability to create things beyond what they thought was possible for them.

It’s exciting to think we could skip the difficult work of learning a scary skill, or having to find someone to collaborate with who can.

But how might our meaningful work benefit if we were to be brave enough to embrace the hard, scary act of perseverance, rather than merely looking for shortcuts?

Shortcuts and “killer tools” keep coming. If you do work that matters, ask yourself: will this benefit my work, or do I just fear the tools?