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March 11, 2020     Daily Post

Some Tasks Are Meant To Be Hard

Some Tasks Are Meant To Be Hard

Making hard things easy is a big part of what we do in business.

But some things are meant to be hard:

Scheduling a meeting shouldn’t be one-click easy. Your time is your most valuable asset, why automate giving it away for free with software?

Strategic partnerships and JVs shouldn’t be easy to create. They rely upon you extending your trust and reputation to another, and vice-versa. The hard work of building a real relationship should come first.

Referrals can be simplified, but are never “easy”. You must do the work to demonstrate that you can be trusted to protect those in the care of others. They’re important, but they should be hard, for you.

Make things easy for those you wish to serve.

But let some things that should be hard, be hard.

Accept it. Now you can focus on doing the hard work, instead of worrying about why it isn’t easier.