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February 24, 2020     Daily Post

How To Own The World

How To Own The World

Here’s how to own the world:

Step 1: Define “the world”. It could be your neighborhood’s vegan delicatessens. It could be your state’s urban homelessness problem. Scope “the world” as tightly as you can, because only specific goals get met.

Step 2: Define “owning”. It could be to barter or partner with those delicatessens, being the best viable source for your work. It could be to be orchestrate the best focused effort toward solving that homelessness problem. Scope “owning” as tightly as you can for the same reasons as Step 1.

Step 3: Define “why”. It could be “to become the preeminent supplier in your market”. It could be to make a meaningful, lasting difference in the world. Know your “why”.

If you do work that matters, if you’re trying to create change, please, own the world.

Just know what it means first.