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February 22, 2020     Daily Post

Digital Privacy & Respect

Parts of the Internet tends to struggle with Privacy and Respect.

We have a right to not be tracked. To not have Facebook stalk your every move online regardless of whether you opt in or out. To have sites respect the “do not track” signals that web browsers send to them, honoring them as rules rather than mere suggestions.

**But we also have a responsibility to be good stewards of that right. **That means treating other netizens with respect (instead of trolling or sending strangers photos of one’s junk). It’s not just big business who needs to change to accommodate privacy, but users too.

Anonymity allows us our dignity and allows others to compromise it, so it’s our moral responsibility to self-police in the name of privacy and respect.

If you do work that matters – if you’re trying to make a difference – remember to speak up in the name of privacy and respect. Our work benefits from a safer digital community, as do those we wish to serve.