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February 19, 2020     Daily Post

Please, Don’t Be The Same

You’ve likely seen them for yourself:

YouTube has enough gurus repeating the same messages in the same styles, who ‘followed the formula’ because they were too afraid to reveal their true selves to us.

Instagram has enough fakers in Maseratis teaching you how to get rich, selling formulas that may have worked once but don’t work again when downstream in the hands of thousands.

The market has enough business consultants who never ran a successful business, selling false promises because they were too afraid to share their growth journey for a fee.

Please, don’t be the same. The marketplace needs you, showing up vulnerably with a heart of service and a boatload of empathy for those you’ve elected to place into your care.

Will we get to see you and engage with you today? Or must we instead try to pick you out from a sea of similarity?