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February 11, 2020     Daily Post

Don’t Just Show Up

We’ve heard it said that showing up is 80% of the battle.

Why settle for 80%?

First problem: attention is pricier than ever. People are learning the value of their time and attention. It’s worth a lot more than they realize even today. With the whole world moving online, showing up gets you a seat in the busiest room in history.

Second problem: most people in the room are the same. Same marketing-speak. Same VC-funded hustle. Same fear in a suit. Millions of bodies, yet so few personalities.

You’re missing from the room. What if you were to show up as the real you, rather than adding to the above statistic? Most wouldn’t be missed if they were gone. Would you be missed?

Showing up is 80% of the battle. Bring your true voice and your vulnerability to show up 100%.

It’s easy to stand out when so few are brave enough to truly show up.