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February 09, 2020     Daily Post

Then The Computers Came

When your work is done better by machines, we have three choices:

First, we can complain about it and hold progress back for our benefit, yet to the detriment of the market’s potential to be served. **This is the selfish choice. **Nothing got better, for anyone.

Second, we get to do our work better with machines for the benefit of those we wish to serve. Things become faster, more efficient and cheaper. This is the lazy option. Nothing got better, it merely got more accessible.

Third. We get to elevate the emotional labor and transformation of our work to levels previously unreachable without the leverage of technology. Things become better and more lives are changed. This is the servant-hearted option. Everything got better, for you and for those in the market.

The computers are coming for every corner of the marketplace. Which choice will you make?

If you do work that matters, now’s the time to make that choice.