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January 31, 2020     Daily Post

Redefining The Way Things Should Be

Your industry has “a way things should be.”

So does the family you grew up in.

So does the way you and your team implement your important work.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Because your industry normally takes payment up front, doesn’t mean you have to. Because your industry requires its own distribution, doesn’t mean you have to. Because your family was okay with excessive drinking, doesn’t mean you have to. Because your team is used to marginal results, doesn’t mean you have to be.

What way should it be? What if you were to bill in an entirely new way, making it easier for people to choose you over anybody else? What if you strategically partnered with others in the industry to outsize your reach and potential rather than seeing everyone as a competitor? What if you carved a new, better path for your family or your company?

**Make it so. **The way things should be aren’t the way things should be because they’re the way they should be. They’re simply the way things have been done in order to confirm to the status quo.

Found a better way? Make it so.