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January 25, 2020     Daily Post

Perfect Isn’t The Point

It’s never perfect.

Your marketing message still needs work. Our Creative team specializes in creating marketing messaging that helps companies stand out, sell better and make more impact… but it’s messaging isn’t perfect yet. The market is forever changing and so, in turn, is the message they extend to the marketplace.

Your business’ strategy still needs work. Our businesses have advisors and mentors at different stages of development because challenges change as businesses grow. No strategy is designed to be perfect forever and so neither, in turn, is the work you deploy in your company.

The impact you seek to create in the world still needs work. Social problems are always emerging and with that comes opportunity to make a difference. If we want to be efficient and effective, our approach to solving problems must be dynamic and divergent. We can’t always solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s playbook.

Perfection isn’t the point. Progress keeps us in the game and if we can make enough of it, we might just create something wonderful.