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January 22, 2020     Daily Post

Being Capable Of Meaningful Work

We know that meaningful work requires showing up.

A lot.

And so, for many, the excuses start kicking in:

“Can I keep this up? Writing a blog post every single day. Surely I’ll run out of things to talk about. Surely there’ll be days I won’t feel like it, or won’t be able to get around to it.”

“Can I commit to this? I feel good about this today, but what about tomorrow? Next week? Ten years from now? Will I be able to keep to this commitment?”

“Am I worthy of this? I want to make this my reality, but is it too big, too much, too ambitious, too risky, for me?”

These questions are not rhetorical. They’re decisions. We get to choose.

First comes the need, then follows the means.