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February 26, 2018     Daily Post


“Life is long if you know how to use it.” – Seneca Ever said, “we’ll get around to that… someday”?

I hear teams say this often. And it’s always from passionate teams, full of energy and great ideas.

But we have the team.  We just don’t always use it wisely: we get stuck with Low MPG. The current obsession with workaholism is to blame:

  • We get “Low MPG” when we don’t use our time right. Our bodies are machines, and our gas tanks are finite. We must mindfully refill them to avoid running out mid-trip.
  • Decision-making suffers when we don’t use our time right. It’s a muscle just like a bicep is; training strengthens it but leaves it tired and torn. Rest is an essential part of training.

When we want to do more, we try to keep going when we should be maximizing the potential of our bodies.

How can your team bring your “someday” work closer, by avoiding Low MPG?