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January 18, 2020     Daily Post

“And Now For Something Completely Different”

Monty Python we’re onto something.

Everyone in your industry making the same sort of offers? Why not try blowing the minds of those you wish to serve with something radically new, something that will spread on its own?

Everyone in your industry running the same promotions? Why not change the game by gifting your market with something more powerful, intimate, engaging or honest than they’ve ever experienced anywhere else?

Everyone in your industry using the same structure, patterns, or value proposition? Why not outsmart you’re competitors with a value matrix that focuses precisely upon what your people really want, instead of merely “doing the done thing”?

When “everyone in your industry” is doing it, you’ll only succeed by out-muscling your competitors. Are your pockets deep enough for that?

Why not simply out-think them, instead?