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January 11, 2020     Daily Post

When It Might Not Work & It’s Important

It’s easy to do things that might not work, when it doesn’t matter much.

Trying a different strategy during a board game, for instance.

Or taking another route on your way to somewhere in the car.

If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. Nobody will judge you, criticize you. You’ll be allowed to play again next time.

What about when it’s really important?

When You need to provide for your family because if you don’t, who will put bread on the table? Turns out, the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe. The middle-of-the-road is eroding, leaving only the menial and the extraordinary. Which would you prefer to reach for?

When You need to make your partner proud because the way they look at you is important to you. Turns out, if you’re the right fit, you’ll have the support of your partner whether it works or not. They’ll be proud of your success, or they’ll be proud that you tried. Or they can watch you stay afraid to try. Which would you prefer to show them?

When You need to make an impact because if you don’t, it doesn’t seem as though anyone else will. Turns out, making a difference is hard. It takes many hands, many tries, many times. Many attempts don’t succeed. We simply get to choose between being a part of the crowd who tries to make change happen, or a part of the crowd who doesn’t. Which would you prefer to belong to?

It might not work. But it’s worth trying. Especially when it’s important.