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December 30, 2019     Daily Post

Intentional Culture

Every company and family has a culture.

Few have a culture they designed on purpose.

Great companies have intentional culture. They know that what we stand for (and against), how we approach trials and challenges, or how we perceive ourselves (for instance) are all opportunities to bring people together, or push people apart.

Have you decided how you’d like to be? As a company, as a leadership team, as a department, or at home in your family? A culture will form and change over time whether we like it or not.

We get to choose whether or not we’ll be intentional about nurturing a culture that helps us thrive, or leaving it to the winds of chance and change.

These cultures matter. How you approach your mission and meaningful work. How your family pulls together (or doesn’t) at home. All these things influence our ability to make a difference.

Do you belong to cultures you’re proud of?