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December 28, 2019     Daily Post

The Danger of Hitting Targets

…is that you may hit them, even if you’ve set the wrong targets for yourself.

The young entrepreneur who longs to be a billionaire, assuming that’s where happiness lives. Ignoring the fact that the Gateses and Bransons of the world donate over 90% of their wealth to others.

The wantrepreneur who longs to park an expensive Italian car before an expensive Californian home, assuming that’s where happiness is. Ignoring the fact that those close to them are being pushed away along the way.

The SMBs who long to increase revenue for revenue’s sake, assuming that’s what success means. Ignoring the fact that money does a far better job of creating happiness through making a difference in the lives of others, than it does of creating happiness for those who earned it.

Please, thrive. Just make sure you’ve made an intentional decision about what it means to thrive, before you strive for it.