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December 24, 2019     Daily Post

Are You Worthy of This Goal? Is it Worthy of You?

“I want to be the __ of our industry. I need conversions and sales.”

If I had a nickel for every time our Creative team heard this…!

Increasingly, we find ourselves slowing down the conversation they think they want to have, so that they can focus on the hard questions:

#1 Are you worthy of this goal? What makes you worthy of this goal? What have you done and committed to that makes you worthy of this goal? The market has many players and such aspirations don’t come to anyone by accident.

#2 Is this goal worthy of you? The investment of yourself this goal will take ought not be taken lightly. In the grand scheme of things, is this something important enough to deserve your unbroken focus, dedication and sacrifice?

If both are answered “Yes”, then those asserting the initial statement can commit their resources to making it happen with confidence. If either is not “Yes”, it’s unlikely to happen.

Are you prepared to ask yourself the hard questions?