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December 20, 2019     Daily Post

Progress is Everywhere

Do you see the progress available all around you?

  • Getting a Lyft/Uber ride with a driver who runs international sustainability projects is an unlikely meeting. Especially when you yourself help sustainability and social good projects move forward every week. This happened this week.
  • A family member who had the knowledge you needed but never knew about is an unlikely coincidence. But often that’s how that works – the right people and ideas are everywhere. This happened this week.
  • A referral that compounds your progress exponentially. This could be any referral, it could be the one you receive next year or next week. But often that’s how it works – the right people are just around the corner, we just don’t always know which one. This happened to us many times.

Progress is everywhere. We just need to open our eyes to the potential around us to unlock it.